What Are Agile Methodologies And Why Are They Beneficial For Your Company?

We live in a world where changes are breathed every day, and lately, we never know when everything can suddenly change. In this way, there are traditional project management guides that instead of being lifesavers in changing moments, try to guess the future and are therefore very rigid. This is how we need models that help to respond quickly to changes, for this reason agile methodologies were created.

Few know what agile methodologies are about but many need to know them, because as we said in the introduction, we are in a time of constant change where we need project management methods that know how to respond to our needs and do not paralyze the entire process the attempt. Agile methodologies can be used in different sectors, but they are commonly used in the technology sector (software development) because it is the one that needs to react more quickly to these famous changes. Find out what they are, what they are for and why they are useful for your company here.

These methodologies are those that are responsible for adapting the work process to the circumstances and context in which it is found, so that, if there is any inconvenience or unexpected change in the landscape, the procedures in the company can be adapted easily and in a immediately, so the project is not adversely affected in any way. Based on this, companies that have decided to opt for agile methodologies in their projects tend to manage them more efficiently and effectively, which produces a great benefit by reducing costs and boosting the productivity of activities.

The 11 principles of the agile manifesto

Like any methodology to be used, this one has a series of principles that are respected when applying them, in this way, the company that decides to incorporate agile methodologies in its project management, may have a guide to do it efficiently:

    1. Agile methodologies have as their primary goal customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and early delivery of valuable software.
    2. Agile methodologies are created to positively accept changing requirements, this implies that you will be able to process them well, even when they arrive at a late stage of project development. In this way, agile processes give a competitive advantage to the company that uses them.
    3. Frequent deliveries of perfectly functional software are made in periods ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, depending on the duration of the project.
    4. The people in charge of the company and the developers of the agile methodologies must work together and maintain daily communication during the project development time.
    5. Projects aimed at motivated individuals will be built.
    6. All the information that enters and all the information that leaves must be communicated between the developers of the agile methodologies and the people of the company face to face, this to guarantee the efficiency and effectiveness in the process.
    7. It will be determined that the whole process is working when the software, product or service begins to work.
    8. The processes involved in agile methodologies help promote sustained development. In this way, both developers, sponsors and users must maintain a constant rhythm indefinitely.
    9. To ensure an excellent application of agile methodologies, both developers and people in the company will have to assist each other to answer questions and clarify questions.
    10. Less is more, always keep it simple to maximize the amount of work being done.
  • The best architectures, requirements, and designs originate from properly self-organizing teams.

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