Social and Behavioral Change (SBC)

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Capacity-Strengthening Workshops

Previous SBC workshops have included:
  • Designing for behavior change
  • Care Group design and implementation
  • Make me a Change Agent: How to use this SBC skills toolkit
If your Food for Peace-funded project is interested in a customized workshop, please contact our SBC lead, Mary DeCoster.

Task Force

The SBC Task Force is designed to develop, reach consensus on, and build capacity on state of the art SBC standards and tools to improve the quality of food security programs. It is composed of 50+ representatives from NGO Title II grantees and partner organizations in government, academia, and the private sector. It provides an inclusive forum for sharing, adapting, refining, and disseminating SBC information, methodologies, tools, and promising practices to increase the impact of food security programs.

To learn more, visit the task force homepage on the FSN Network.

Tools & Resources

The following the TOPS Program-developed, SBC-themed tools, and resources, all available on the FSN Network Resource Library: