Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management Capacity Strengthening

Skills Building and Training

Our capacity strengthening workshops and trainings are designed to build skills across a wide range of KM-related activities, including developing KM strategies, learning agendas, and video products. Highly participatory, these events give participants practical experience, skills, knowledge, and tools to immediately apply what they have learned to improve knowledge management practices in food security programming.


Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge Sharing events are the cornerstone of The TOPS Program, designed to help programs document and share what they’ve learned. These events are responsive to the emerging opportunities and challenges facing the food security and nutrition community and are tailored to the unique circumstances of food insecure countries. They create an environment where implementers, researchers, and donors come together for knowledge exchange, peer learning, and networking around food security and nutrition program implementation.



Consultations bring together USAID’s Office of Food for Peace (FFP) with food security and nutrition implementers from the private voluntary organization (PVO) community to discuss initiatives and policies. Implementers can better understand initiatives by directly engaging with FFP through dialogue. In turn, FFP can gather information useful for responding to the challenges and opportunities identified by the PVO community.

Task Force

The Knowledge Management KM Task Force brings together food security professionals from all technical sectors in a community focused on knowledge sharing for improved implementation of food security and nutrition programs. The group, comprised of representatives of implementer, donor, and other partner organizations, is working to identify and explore promising practices to capture and disseminate program learning, as well as tools that can support better networking and knowledge sharing.

To learn more, visit the task force homepage on the FSN Network.

Tools & Resources

The following TOPS-developed, KM-themed tools and resources are available on the FSN Network Resource Library: