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Capacity-Strengthening Workshops

The TOPS Program has integrated gender into workshops across the other technical topics in the program, including:
  • Gender and food security integration in the Food Assistance Commodity Management workshop
  • Gender and agriculture
  • Designing for Behavior Change with a focus on agriculture and gender
If your Food for Peace-funded project is interested in a customized workshop, please contact our gender lead Kristi Tabaj.

Task Force

The Gender Task Force is a community of technical specialists and practitioners working to improve gender integration into food security and nutrition programming with a focus on engaging men, women, girls, and boys. The Task Force is comprised of implementers of Food For Peace-funded development and emergency food assistance programs and USAID representatives, providing a forum for sharing, adapting, refining, and disseminating information, methodologies, tools, and promising practices on gender integration for increasing positive impact of food security programs.

To learn more, visit the task force homepage on the FSN Network.

Tools & Resources

The following The TOPS Program-developed, gender-themed tools and resources, all available on the FSN Network Resource Library: