Agriculture and Natural Resource Management (ANRM)

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Capacity-Strengthening Workshops

Previous ANRM workshops have included:
If your Food for Peace-funded project is interested in a customized workshop, please contact our ANRM lead Andrea Mottram.


Task Force

The FSN Network's ANRM task force is dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and impact of agriculture, economic development, and natural resource management components of food security programs. It provides a forum for sharing experiences and lessons learned and for identifying, adapting, refining and disseminating state-of-the-art information, methodologies, and tools related to agricultural and economic development in order to improve the quality of field based programs.

To learn more, visit the task force homepage on the FSN Network.

    Tools & Resources

    The following TOPS-developed, ANRM-themed tools and resources are available on the FSN Network Resource Library: