Regional DBC Workshop (IMC)

Regional Designing for Behavior Change Workshop

International Medical Corps (IMC)
April to October 2014
Technical Area
Knowledge management;
Social and behavioral change

The field-tested, 6-day Designing for Behavior Change (DBC) curriculum is a practical behavioral framework that strategically aids community development program planners and managers in planning for maximum effectiveness. At a workshop in Nairobi, Kenya, International Medical Corps used the DBC curriculum to train 26 participants from 13 organizations in 7 countries. As part of the closing session, each participant identified three things he or she will do in the coming 3 months to building on what he/she learned during the workshop. IMC tracked participant progress 3 months after the workshop and found that many had shared at least some of what they learned during the workshop with their organizations, and some conducted DBC workshops for their colleagues.