Promoting Microfinance Model in FNS Programming (PCI)

Promoting a Female-Focused, Savings-Led Microfinance Model in Food and Nutrition Security Programming

Project Concern International (PCI)
January to October 2012
OutputsEvent, training
Technical Area
Knowledge management

Project Concern International (PCI) organized and hosted the 3-day capacity-building workshop “DON’T JUST BORROW, BE THE BANK: How Savings-Led Microfinance Can Make Food and Nutrition Security Programs More Sustainable.” Held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the workshop was attended by 65 participants from 7 African countries, representing more than 20 organizations that came together to learn, share, and brainstorm how Savings Group methodologies can augment, support, or improve food-aid and nutrition security programs. Throughout the event, participants developed specific technical recommendations, identified themes, and shared resources designed to support and advocate for savings approaches in new and existing food security and nutrition programs and agreed to form a virtual group to promote ongoing collaboration around the themes and connections developed in Addis Ababa.