Nutrition Sensitive Conservation Agriculture (Concern)

Potential for Nutrition-Sensitive Conservation Agriculture in Zambia

Concern Worldwide
February to May 2015
OutputResearch, resource
Technical Area
Agriculture and natural resource management;
Nutrition and food technology

Concern Worldwide saw the opportunity to conduct and use research to leverage investments being made in conservation agriculture at a national and regional level, including within other USAID projects; to contribute to the literature about nutrition-sensitive conservation agriculture, of which there is very little; to improve the conservation agriculture methodology more broadly; and to share findings among both the agriculture and nutrition communities. To meet these objectives, Concern Worldwide conducted a study to generate and disseminate information that will inform how interventions based around conservation agriculture practices can integrate nutrition outcomes. The study was successfully conducted and resulted in a project report and a project brief, including clear recommendations on how to improve nutrition outcomes within conservation agriculture. The report was featured in a 2015 issue of Field Exchange, the online and print technical publication on nutrition and food security in emergencies and high burden contexts.