Nurturing Connections (HKI)

Nurturing Connections: Adapted for Homestead Food Production and Nutrition

Helen Keller International
November 2014 to May 2015
Technical Areas
Agriculture and natural resource management;
Nutrition and food technology;
Social and behavioral change

This manual is an adaptation of the highly successful first Nurturing Connections, which was developed in northwest Bangladesh to complement nutrition education and homestead food production training for women, a combination that greatly improved women’s agency in their homes. The manual was adapted to make it relevant and appropriate to the context of southern Bangladesh, including through pilot-testing new activities in the field and adapting their content and messages during several stages of desk-based revisions. While retaining content around equitable food distribution and adequate nutrition, the new version includes activities on advancing the role of women in agriculture as a key element of effectiveness for household well-being. However, the manual can be applicable to almost any context by adapting examples and discussion points to reflect the local context.

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