MMCA Workshop Niger (SC US)

Make Me a Change Agent Workshop on SBC Lessons and Practice for Community-Based Volunteers, Maradi, Niger

Save the Children US
April to May 2015
OutputsResearch, training
Technical Area
Social and behavioral change

Save the Children US conducted a workshop using the Make Me a Change Agent (MMCA) draft curriculum (since published in June 2015) in Maradi, Niger, on May 18–22, 2015. The MMCA curriculum seeks to build the skills of community-level workers so they can be more effective behavior change promoters in their communities. Twenty-one participants attended, representing all three development food assistance programs in Niger and two Burkina Faso programs as well as two regional RISE programs. This was the first time the MMCA curriculum had been conducted in West Africa and only the second time it was conducted in French.