Monitoring, Analysis, and Response Kit (MARKit)

CARE USA with Catholic Relief Services
January to December 2013
OutputsEvent, presentation, tool
Technical Area
Monitoring and evaluation

The Price Monitoring, Analysis and Response Kit (MARKit) was developed by representatives from the Local Regional Procurement (LRP) Learning Alliance to guide food assistance practitioners through the steps to monitor markets during the implementation of food assistance programs and to ensure that programs remain responsive to changing market conditions. The purpose of the toolkit is to help food assistance programs maximize their effectiveness and maintain the principle of “do no harm” standards by mitigating unintended impacts on market systems. During the development process, CRS and CARE user-tested the tool at workshop in Niger with representatives from 15 international and national humanitarian agencies, gathering input on feasibility and user recommendations from food security program managers. Using its own funds, CRS piloted the tool in Eastern DRC and Niger, testing the tool’s effectiveness and revising based on project feedback. MARKit is now being used in other countries.

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