Learning for Gender Integration (LWR)

Learning for Gender Integration

Lutheran World Relief (LWR)
December 2013 to November 2014
Event, resource
Technical Area

Lutheran World Relief (LWR) held the first international gathering of participants involved in its Learning for Gender Integration project for a midterm workshop, bringing together LWR and local implementing partner staff from the U.S., Honduras, India, Nicaragua, and Uganda, to share experiences and reflect on the progress of the initiative. The workshop was an opportunity to assess how far LWR has improved its ability to design and manage gender-integrated programs, as well as to identify successes and challenges within the LGI pilot projects. With remaining funds, LWR created 2014 Storybook: INGO Experience with Gender Integration, which tells the story of how six different agencies are integrating and mainstreaming gender into policies, programs, and procedures.

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