Improving Program Management Skills Training (CORE)

Improving Program Management Skills within Title II Projects through the Development of Needs-Based Training Modules

CORE Group
December 2013 to November 2014
OutputsResource, training
Technical Area
Knowledge management

The Catholic Relief Services Consortium Alignment Framework for Excellence (CAFE) Manual, proven to be a useful tool for food security implementers working in consortia, was designed to be used during the consortium development process to check for organizational compatibility and to plan for how consortium members will work together. However, the manual does not provide skill-strengthening training to help consortium managers develop better management and leadership skills, a gap that food security program staff indicated needed to be filled. Based on this identified need and findings and comments from CORE Group-led sessions at TOPS regional knowledge sharing meetings and CORE Group conferences, CORE Group developed the Consortium Management and Leadership Training Facilitator’s Guide.

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