Gender Sensitive SBC (CORE)

Gender Sensitive Social and Behavioral Change

CORE Group and Women Influencing Health, Education and the Rule of Law (WI-HER)
January to April 2015
OutputsPresentation, resources
Technical Areas
Nutrition and food technology;
Social and behavioral change

CORE Group turned to Women Influencing Health, Education, and Rule of Law (WI-HER) to develop a technical resource guide, technical brief, presentation for CORE Group’s spring 2015 Global Health Practitioner Conference 2015, and webinar that present the rationale, critical actions, best practices, resources, and tools for integrating gender-sensitive social and behavioral change into nutrition and food security programming. The materials were based on the 1,000-days approach, which focuses on pregnant and lactating mothers and children under 2 years of age and prioritizes the critical period between a woman’s pregnancy and her child’s second birthday to maximize impact.