Flood and Drought through Gendered Lens (GOAL)

Flood and Drought through a Gendered Lens: Mitigating Strategies for Women/Girls/Boys/Men in Malawi

December 2014 to April 2015
Research, resource
Technical Area

GOAL implemented a study to review the different experiences of women, men, boys, and girls within disasters, most notably floods and droughts in Blantyre rural, Neno and Nsanje, Malawi. The research revealed that men, women, boys, and girls are affected differently and have different experiences during droughts and floods. In some instances, experiences were universal to all the gender groups. The findings suggest that disaster response strategies that take account of how women, girls, men, and boys each experience disasters, particularly their unique needs in times of crisis, are more effective in addressing needs and leveraging strengths. The research also noted how strategies employed in development programming designed to mitigate against the impact of disasters is better effected and has greater impact when the differing needs and strengths of women, men, boys and girls are considered.

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