Evaluation of Post-Harvest Extension under HORT CRSP (WFLO)

Photo by: Lisa Kitinoja, WFLO
Evaluation of a Post-Harvest Extension under the Horticulture Collaborative Research Support Program in Sub-Saharan Africa

World Food Logistics Organization (WFLO)
August 2014 to April 2015
OutputsResource, training
Technical Areas
Agriculture and natural resource management;
Monitoring and evaluation

WFLO evaluated the Postharvest Technology and Service Center (PTSC) model, which is designed to build capacity, reduce food losses, and improve the effectiveness of food security programming. The evaluation aimed to:
  • Determine the major capacity building outcomes and impact of PTSC and training of trainers program
  • Identify promising practices in the management of the PTSC and its extension services
  • Identify problems, concerns, and obstacles in making the PTSC a sustainable and replicable model
  • Provide refresher technical training to 70 Master Trainers who are delivering postharvest training and services to small farmers in four Sub-Saharan African countries
Some of the lessons learned from the evaluation included how a package of postharvest information, technical training, demonstrations, tools, and advice on costs/benefits can spur economic development when individuals gain confidence and are willing to invest in improved technologies. A key finding was that the success of the pilot project was due to the combination of extensive and intensive training of trainers followed up with providing those trained with postharvest tools and long-term mentoring. This combination of training and support allowed those trained to gain the confidence to share what they have learned with their local communities.

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