Barrier Analysis (MC)

Barrier Analysis

Mercy Corps
June 2014 to May 2015
OutputsResearch, tool
Technical Areas
Agriculture and natural resource management;
Social and behavioral change

Mercy Corps Guatemala carried out a Barrier Analysis survey to identify what prevents vulnerable families from adopting good agricultural practices, specifically during harvest and post-harvest, to prevent mycotoxins (the toxic chemical produced by fungi) in maize, which contribute to chronic malnutrition. Guatemala has the highest prevalence in stunting in children in Latin America (UNICEF 2012 Annual Report for Guatemala, TACRO), and maize, a key staple crop in the country, is associated with high levels of mycotoxins. The Barrier Analysis results supported efforts to identify, develop, and promote low-cost practices, including through improved harvesting, storage, and food preparation, to significantly reduce the contamination risk from mycotoxins.

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