Knowledge Sharing Meetings

Photos: Emmanuel Museruka, Malaika Media, 2016

The TOPS/FSN Knowledge Sharing Meetings bring together implementers, donors, and researchers from around the world for peer based knowledge sharing, and networking around food security programs. Since 2011, the TOPS Program has put on these biannual events in locations such as Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Mozambique, as well as in Washington, DC.

The Knowledge Sharing Meetings help address the need for meaningful face-to-face opportunities at both the field and headquarters level to maximize flow of information between food security projects. Additionally, the meetings allow participants to build and hone important relationships that enable the knowledge exchange to continue beyond the event.

In order to develop the content of the meetings, TOPS technical staff consult stakeholders from the USAID Office of Food for Peace, academic institutions, and private voluntary organizations (PVO). Feedback is also solicited from a survey distributed throughout our FSN Network newsletter, as well through our Stakeholder Consultations and Task Forces. These events differ from the standard technical conference in that session designers weave tested adult learning concepts throughout the sessions to promote cross-organizational collaboration, learning, and maximum engagement.

In order to ensure every Knowledge Sharing Meeting is better than the last one, we incorporate feedback from survey responses of daily evaluations regarding attendee satisfaction, effectiveness, and balance. This feedback loop enables our Knowledge Sharing Meetings to continuously improve.

Our last Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Kampala, Uganda in September of 2016 has more than 201 participants from 95 organizations. Please watch the video below to learn more:

Please visit our Upcoming Events page to learn more about future Knowledge Sharing Meetings. Also, click here to learn more about past Knowledge Sharing Meetings.