The TOPS Program

The original TOPS Program ended in January of 2018, but USAID's Office of Food for Peace has made it possible to extend TOPS for another year under a 'bridge award' in order to maintain a few key functions and provide important services to the food security and nutrition community until Implementer-led Design, Evidence, Analysis and Learning (IDEAL) is awarded. For the duration of 2018, TOPS will continue to manage and update the Food Security and Nutrition Network, facilitate learning and knowledge sharing activities, carry out commodity management skills strengthening activities, and work on new learning opportunities. TOPS will also continue to deliver Theory of Change training sessions and stakeholder consultations and will host two major Monitoring and Evaluation practitioner workshops. 

Additionally, TOPS is launching two new initiatives in the form of Associate Awards in the areas of WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) and Agriculture, Natural Resource Management and Livelihoods. You can learn more about these two initiatives here

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